How DO you pronounce ÅÄÖ?!

The last three letters of the Swedish alphabet.

Are they just A's and an O with some accents above?

Long and short sounds don't really matter, right?


Let us show you what's really going on.

We'll help you getting started with Swedish pronunciation!

This course is suitable for anyone who's learning Swedish, but feels unsure of the pronunciation of Å, Ä and Ö.

Maybe you have no idea how to pronounce them?

Maybe you have learned Swedish for a while, but you still feel like you're not quite getting it?

Maybe you're not sure of the difference between the long and the short sounds?

We work with anatomy, so you can learn how these vowels FEEL. That way, you don't have to rely on your ears. In fact, many learners find it hard to just simply 'Listen and Repeat'. It's very hard to know how to improve, if you don't understand how to work with your lips and your tongue.

Join us and start feeling confident when you pronounce Å, Ä and Ö!

Learn how to use your lips and tongue

See example words with long and short sounds

Get to know how it feels

Course Content

  Swedish letter Å
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  Swedish letter Ä
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  Swedish letter Ö
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  Words with Å Ä Ö combinations
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  Next step
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Hej! We're here to help

We're Anneli and Stefan. We've have been collaborating since 2020 to help Swedish learners improve their pronunciation.

We're passionate about pronunciation and the way Swedish sounds. Anneli is a Swedish Teacher but also has a background in music studies. Stefan is an Opera Singer and a Voice Trainer.

By combining our skills, we've developed the comprehensive Swedish pronunciation course 'Tone Your Swedish', where we teach pronunciation through anatomy. In other words, how Swedish really feels in your mouth.

We've also done an MRI project, where we both jumped into an MRI scanner and spoke Swedish. Just so we could understand more about what's really going on inside of the mouth when we speak Swedish. The work has been incorporated into 'Tone Your Swedish'.