What are successful language learners like?

Learning a language is learning a skill. So what are the traits or qualities that you need to develop, in order to succeed?
In this English E-book, I've gathered my perspectives from over 15 years of teaching Swedish.
I bust language learning myths, I outline what successful language learners are like, I explain how you can develop sustainable language learning habits, and I reveal what the Six Learner Characters are like (and what each character needs to be aware of when learning a language).
There are also useful tips for how to find time to self-study, what to focus on when learning the 4 core skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), as well as an emergency grammar glossary for grammarphobes. (+ a bonus list of 59 cheesy, motivating phrases for when you feel low - they will put a smile on your face)

Format: E-book, PDF
Pages: 44
Language: English

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Hej, I'm Anneli from Swedish Made Easy

I’m a Swedish teacher and the founder and director of Swedish Made Easy. I’m also a course creator.

At Swedish Made Easy, I create online Swedish courses and I also offer Swedish lessons online. As a Swedish teacher, I have taught over 25,000 hours since 2007 to adult learners in Europe, Asia and US. 

In 2018, I published the book Teach Yourself Complete Swedish, which is now a bestseller among Swedish course books. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a translator and also as a subtitler for films and TV-programmes. Moreover, I have also worked as a language tutor at Middlesex University for their BA Interpreting and Translation students.

In 2019 and 2020, I was the Swedish Teacher in the BBC Two TV-programme Twinstitute.

Brighton (UK) is where I’m based, but I was born in Sweden (Stockholm and Dalarna) and lived there until I was 25. When I am not teaching Swedish online, I make music (Janis), and board dogs with my husband in Brighton.

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